Infection of Salmincola carpionis (Copepoda: Lernaeopodidae) on whitespotted charr, Salvelinus leucomaenis (Salmonidae), reared in northern Honshu, Japan

The lernaeopodid copepod Salmincola carpionis (Krøyer, 1837) was collected from the buccal cavity of whitespotted charr, Salvelinus leucomaenis (Pallas, 1814), reared at a commercial trout farm and a fisheries research institute in Aomori Prefecture, northern Honshu, Japan. These collections of Salmincola carpionis at the farm and the institute represent the first and third records of the species in commercial trout farming in northern Honshu and at noncommercial fish-rearing facilities in Aomori Prefecture, respectively.