Five xanthid species, Forestiana granulata (Krauss, 1843), F. scabra (Odhner, 1925), Gaillardiellus al- phonsi (Nobili, 1905), G. orientalis (Odhner, 1925) and G. rueppellii (Krauss, 1843), are reported based on specimens collected from the southern part of Ky- ushu and the Ryukyu Islands, of which F. scabra and G. alphonsi represent new records for the fauna of Ja- pan. This study pointed out that necessity of re-evalua- tion of Aegle rugata White, 1848 and Actaea pilosa Stimpson, 1858, which are regarded to be the same species as G. rueppellii, considering that the speci- mens identified as G. rueppellii in this study contained two morphotypes that could be distinguished by mor- phological features. Furthermore, this study agreed with the opinion made by existing studies that G. al- phonsi and G. superciliaris (Odhner, 1925) are the same species, as well as indicating that detailed com- parison between F. lucius Ng, 2015 and Actaea bocki Odhner, 1925, and G. bathus Davie, 1997 and G. holthuisi Takeda and Komatsu, 2010 are necessary.

日本初記録の 2 種を含む南日本産ヒラアワツブガニ属および ケブカアワツブガニ属(十脚目:短尾下目:オウギガニ科)(前之園唯史)