Perinereis neocaledonica Pruvot, 1930 is recorded based on specimens collected from the intertidal reef beach of the Amami Islands, Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Japan. This study represents the first records of P. neocaledonica from Amami-oshima, Kikai-jima, Tokuno-shima and Okinoerabu-jima islands (all in the Amami Islands). Since P. neocaledonica has previous- ly been recorded from the southern Ryukyu Islands (Kume-jima and Okinawa-jima islands), the specimen from Kise (28°26′51″N, 129°39′05″E), Amami-oshima island represents the northernmost record for this spe- cies.

奄美群島から得られたフトユビゴカイ Perinereis neocaledonica(坂口建)