Two tramp ant species in the genus Pheidole, i.e., P. magacephala and the P. parva-complex (new to main- land Japan), were found to be already established in mainland Kagoshima, South Japan. They inhabited ho- tel/residential areas of Ibusuki-shi, Satsuma Peninsula along the coast; P. megacephala nest entrances were seen on the ground surface. In the sites with P. mega- cephala other ant species were generally scarce, while the P. parva-complex was seemed to be more tolerant toward other species. Among the eight sites surveyed, these two species co-occurred in two sites but from different transects.

鹿児島県本土に定着した外来性オオズアリ属の 2 種(山根正気・原田豊・古川博文)