The cymothoid isopod Ceratothoa verrucosa (Schioedte and Meinert, 1883) is reported based on three specimens (two females and one male) from the buccal cavity of two age-0 red seabream, Pagrus major (Temminck and Schlegel, 1843), in the East China Sea off the coast of Hirado-jima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture, northern Kyushu, Japan. This represents the second record of C. verrucosa from Nagasaki Prefecture. The specimens of C. verrucosa contained the smallest female (12.2 mm long) and male (8.9 mm long) ever reported, which is most probably attributable to their residence in the small buccal cavity of the young-of-the-year fish.

長崎県沿岸域のマダイ当歳魚に寄生していた タイノエ(等脚目ウオノエ科)とその最小個体の記録(長澤和也・河合幸一郎)