Seventeen ant species were collected from 2 habitat types on Mt. Onogara-dake, Mts. Taka- kuma, Kanoya City, Kagoshima Prefecture, south- western Japan. Ants were sampled using powder- cheese baiting, hand collecting, litter sifting, and soil sifting. Nine species were collected from the Fagus crenata forest (1000 m alt.), and 15 from the secondary evergreen forest (700 m alt.). Seven species were collected in both types of forest. Lasius productus and Pheidole fervida were collected only from the F. crenata forest. In both types of forest Nylanderia flavipes was most dominant. Other dominant species were Pheidole fervida in the Fagus forest, and Pachycondyla nakasujii and Camponotus obscuripes in the secondary evergreen forest.

日本南限ブナ林のアリ(原田豊・宿里宏美・瀧波りら・長濱梢・ 松元勇樹・大山亜耶・前田詩織・山根正気)