/ 046-028

Lernanthropus chrysophrys (Copepoda: Lernanthropidae) parasitic on a blackhead seabream, Acanthopagrus schlegelii (Sparidae), in Suruga Bay, central Japan, with a comment on the geographical distribution of the copepod in the Indo-West Pacific region

Kazuya Nagasawa and Masanori Kawazu

Abstract / Introduction / Summary:

An adult female of Lernanthropus chrysophrys Shishido, 1898 was collected from the gill filament of a blackhead seabream, Acanthopagrus schlegelii (Bleeker, 1854), in coastal waters of Suruga Bay (western North Pacific Ocean), Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan. This represents the second record of L. chrysophrys from off the Pacific coast of Japan. Based on the previous and present papers, L. chrysophrys occurs in tropical to temperate waters of the Indo-West Pacific region and, in Japan, the species is found from waters affected by two warm currents, the Kuroshio and the Tsushima Current.