Three species of pyramidellid mollusks collected from Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa prefectures, are reported: Turbonilla rartans Nomura, 1936, T. var- icose (A. Adams, 1855) and Ptycheulimella syrnoli- forms Nomura, 1938. Living specimens of the first and the third species were photographed. These two spe- cies differ from each other in the shape of whole mar- gins and the presence of inner spiral ribs of teleoconch whorls.

宮崎県,鹿児島県および沖縄県で採集された トウガタガイ科貝類の記録 —ハリノホイトカケギリ,オオチリメンギリ およびヨシナリイトカケギリ—(三浦知之)