A scoliid wasp, Liacos melanogaster Tsuneki, 1982, was described based on three specimens collected from the Osumi Peninsula, southernmost part of Ka- goshima-ken (prefecture), Kyushu, Japan. All the pre- vious collection data are reviewed, showing that this species has been found only in the Osumi Peninsula. The last collection date was 3rd July 1980, and there- after nothing has been reported on this rare species. In this paper, we record five males collected from Ka- goshima-ken in 2018, with one new locality in north- ern part of the prefecture.

鹿児島県固有種,ナガセクロツチバチ Liacos melanogaster Tsuneki (ハチ目:ツチバチ科)の再発見(河野太祐・松元音旺・山根正気)