Yakushima Island belongs to the Osumi Islands, Northern Ryukyus, Japan. A list of members of the bee genus Lasioglossum from this island presented in this paper is based on 1,002 specimens collected by Iku- dome (1982–1983) and Yumoto (1985–1986) in addi- tion to data from the literature after Ikudome (1999). A total of 29 species is recorded, five species of which, L. hoffmanni, L. metis, L. pallilomum, L. politum pekin- gense and L. sulcatulum longifacies, are new to this is- land. In the point of view of distributional categories, two species, L. smilodon and L. yakushimense, appear to be endemic, and the wide-ranging species (Palearc- tic and Oriental regions) is only one, L. villosulum. The remainder are Palearctic species; none from the Oriental region is represented.

屋久島の Lasioglossum コハナバチ属(ハチ目:コハナバチ科)(幾留秀一・村尾竜起)