An ovigerous female of the cymothoid isopod El- thusa moritakii Saito and Yamauchi, 2016 was collect- ed from the branchial cavity of a deep-sea fish Ereu- nias grallator Jordan and Snyder, 1901 (Scorpaeni- formes: Ereuniidae), in Suruga Bay, an inlet of the western North Pacific Ocean, Shizuoka Prefecture, central Japan. The infected fish was incidentally caught by commercial deep-water trawling. The fe- male collected slightly differs from the original de- scription of E. moritakii in the shape of the cephalon and the position of the maximum body width. This collection of E. moritakii represents the second record of the species from Suruga Bay.

トリカジカの寄生虫,トリカジカエラモグリ(等脚目ウオノエ科): 駿河湾からの第 2 記録(長澤和也・酒井恭平・河津優紀)