A female of Salmincola edwardsii (Olsson, 1869) (Copepoda: Lernaeopodidae) was collected from the left branchial chamber of a southern Asian Dolly Var- den, Salvelinus malma krascheninnikova Taranetz, 1933 (Salmoniformes: Salmonidae), in the upper reaches of the Ikushina Stream, a tributary of the Shari River, eastern Hokkaido Island, Japan. This collection represents the second record for S. edwardsii from the Shari River, where the species was previously taken from a different tributary, the Satturu Stream. The fe – male of S. edwardsii is briefly described. This paper also summarizes the host and distribution records of S. edwardsii in northern Japan, including Hokkaido Is- land and the southern Kuril Islands (Iturup and Ku- nashir islands).

北海道斜里川産オショロコマに寄生していたオショロコマナガクビムシ および北日本における宿主と分布に関する知見(長澤和也・河合幸一郎)