A female of the bopyrid isopod Parathelges enoshi- mensis Shiino, 1950 was collected from the abdomen of a hermit crab, Pagurus minutus Hess, 1865 (Decap- oda: Anomura: Paguridae), on the Rokujo tidal flat in Mikawa Bay, Aichi Prefecture, central Japan. This rep- resents the first and second records of Parathelges enoshimensis from Aichi Prefecture and Japan, respec- tively. The female of Parathelges enoshimensis is briefly described. Specimens with lateral plates on the pleon, which were reported as Parathelges enoshimen- sis from China, are suggested to differ from the spe – cies.

愛知県三河湾産ユビナガホンヤドカリに寄生していた ヤドカリノオジャマムシ(新称)Parathelges enoshimensis (等脚目エビヤドリムシ科)(長澤和也・西浩孝)