In total 17 ant species belonging to 11 genera in 3 subfamilies were collected at 4 ports on the Goto Islands. In Fukue Port (Fukue-jima), the most ant species (14) were collected. Lasius japonicus, Tetra- morium bicarinatum and T. tsushimae were collected in all of the 4 ports surveyed. Of the 17 species collected in this study, only 2 species, Pheidole indica and T. bicarinatum, were alien ant species. The dominant ant species measured by the frequency of occurrence at all of the honey baits (120) were T. tsushimae (0.27), followed by T. bicarinatum (0.10), L. japonicus (0.09) and Ph. indica (0.08). Similarity of species composition calculated by Nomura-Simpson’s Coefficient (NSC) was the greatest (0.88) between Fukue Port and Arikawa Port. T. tsushimae, Mono- morium chinense, Ph. indica and Nylanderia amia were the dominant ant species at all of the honey baits (840) in the whole Kyushu region. These 4 species are the representative ant species at pots in the Kyushu region.

五島列島の港のアリ相 ―外来アリのモニタリング―(原田豊・浅井嘉乃・荒場麻瑚・日笠山円来・齊藤七彩)