Specimens of a species of the genus Temno- sewellia Damborenea and Cannon (Temnocephalida: Temnocephalidae) were collected from the exoskeleton of two species of freshwater crabs, Geothelphusa exigua Suzuki and Tsuda (Decapoda: Potamidae) and Eriocheir japonica (De Haan) (Decapoda: Varunidae) in the head waters and upper streams of some rivers in the Ohsumi Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture, southern Japan. Individuals of this temnocephalid were found to transfer from G. exigua to E. japonica in an experi- mental tank.

大隅半島産淡水性カニ類 2 種の体表に付着していた 截頭類ヤドリイツツノムシ属の 1 種(ヤドリイツツノムシ科)(大川内浩子・上野大輔・宮崎亘・亀崎直樹)