During ichthyofaunal surveys of from Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, a single adult specimen (534.0 mm standard length, 565.0 mm fork length) of Scomberoi-des commersonnianus Lacepède, 1801 was collected from southwestern Satsuma Peninsula. This species, widely distributed in tropical and sub-tropical area of Indo-West Pacific Ocean, has been known only from Toyama and Miyazaki prefectures in Japan. Accord-ingly, the present specimen of S. commersonnianus from Kagoshima represents the third record from Japan. In addition, a skin parasite, Benedenia seriolae (Yamaguti, 1934), is reported herein from S. commer-sonnianus for the first time.

薩摩半島南西岸から得られたオオクチイケカツオの 日本における 3 個体目の記録および ブリハダムシの新たな宿主事例(和田英敏・伊東正英・本村浩之)