Three species of marine Protostomia [Eglisia sp. (Gastropoda: Epitoniidae), Critomolgus sp. (Copepoda: Rhynchomolgidae) and Ophryotrocha sp. (Annelida: Dorvilleidae)] were found from the veretillid sea pen Cavernulina sp. (Anthozoa: Pennatulacea) on muddy and sandy bottom in coastal waters of Amami Island, southern Japan. Of these invertebrates, the gastropod and the copepod might be symbionts associated with Cavernulina sp. because of findings of multiple individuals attached on sea pens.

大島海峡に生息するミナミウミサボテン属の 1 種 Cavernulina sp. (八放サンゴ亜綱ウミエラ目ウミサボテン科)から発見された動物(上野浩子・自見直人・上野大輔)